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Satellite communication is rapidly growing by the last decades. To fulfill the requirement of high reliable system, Transtel Universal offers high quality equipments which have been proved their ability on the worldwide use.


red-arrow Satellite Modem

red-arrow UP Converter

red-arrow BUC

red-arrow Tranceiver

red-arrow High Power Amplifier (TWTA and SSPA)

red-arrow Down Converter

red-arrow LNB

red-arrow LNA

red-arrow Antenna (fixed antenna, drive away, fly away)


The development of broadcast technology is as fast as satellite and terrestrial communication technology. Various breakthrough starts from MPEG-4, DVB-S2, to IPTV is expanded to improve existing technology and increase the quality of service for the customers. Transtel Universal offers reliable - high end products which are equipped with more features and benefits. One among others is their ability to be upgraded to the higher features without buying new equipment helps you to save more money in anticipating the transition period to the digital broadcast era.

Equipments :

red-arrow Encoder


red-arrow Integrated Receiver Decoder

red-arrow Multiplexer

red-arrow Satellite Modulator

red-arrow Complete Solution for DTH System (end to end solution)

red-arrow Complete Solution for DSNG System

Microwave Radio Link

The demand of reliable radio communication is increasing along with the growth of customers' mobile application. They need trustable communication system distortion and interference free, wide coverage even to the remote area, and fast data rate. Transtel Universal has become an agent for world class radio equipment. We offer a cost effective system which guarantee the satisfaction of your customer.

Equipments :

red-arrow Microwave Radio

red-arrow Antenna Microwave

red-arrow Router

red-arrow IP Switch

red-arrow Optical Multiplexer

VSAT Provider

red-arrow VPN - IP

red-arrow Internet up to & dedicated

for Corporate

for Retail

red-arrow Teleconference/Video Converence

red-arrow Digital Signaged

red-arrow VoIP over Satellite

Installation & Maintenance Service

We provide services for installation, dismantle, maintenance, and troubleshoot. Our technicians have been experienced and professionally trained.

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